You're sold out of my size in (style name); will you be getting in anymore?
Generally, we are unable to order more of a style once it sells out, even of a specific size. We work with smaller designers who do small production runs. The great news about that is the styles you'll find at Compendium are unique and few other people will have them! The bad news is that means quantities are very limited and it can be difficult for us to reorder a style before the designer sells out.
Every now and then, we are able to reorder a style and when we're able to, we definitely do. Some designers have collection staples; these are styles they always have in stock (at least for that season, anyway!) and we are certainly able to reorder these styles. Whenever we are able to reorder a style, we make a big deal about it on our Facebook page, so you'll know if we've gotten something back in stock! General rule of thumb though is once it's gone, it's gone.
On the other hand, handmade gift and beauty items like soaps, lotions, and candles we are able to, and do, reorder when the scent sells out.

You had this style yesterday but now it's gone! Why is that?
We bring in smaller quantities of each style than a big box store does and our customers know this, which means styles move fast! This creates an ever changing, fresh set of inventory in store. Some styles move faster than others, but if you see a style you love, you better grab it before someone else does!

Since your styles seem to sell out so quickly, how often do you get new arrivals in?
We get new arrivals in every week! We have a guaranteed shipment that comes in every Friday, with other smaller shipments that come in throughout the week. Our Facebook friends find out first what's coming in each week with sneak peek photos of our new arrivals several days leading up to a shipment's arrival. Follow us on Facebook to be in the know and have the best chance at snagging your must-have style.

Every style I want is sold out in small, why can't you just order more smalls?
Small is the most popular size we sell and we tend to sell of out of this size first in most styles. We understand this can be a frustration to many of you who were hoping to grab a specific style in small and it's frustrating to us, too. When we order from our designers, we have to order in designated sets (called pre-packs) per style with the sizes already pre-selected for us! We have no say as to how many smalls we're able to order with each set; working with smaller designers and small production runs, this ensures a certain level of fairness amongst the boutiques that work with these designers. It wouldn't be fair to the boutiques if we all could just order as many of each size that we wanted; it would mean some boutiques wouldn't be able to order any smalls at all! Anytime that we are able to order additional smalls, though, we definitely do.

Since your styles sell out so quickly, how can I go about making sure I get a style I want in my size?
With the popularity of our styles, we recommend jumping on style that you want when you see it to avoid it being sold out later. Keep up to date with what's coming in store with our new merchandise sneak peeks on our Facebook page so you know what you want before it even gets to the store. From there, you can either send us a message, email us, or give us a call to reserve the style you want in your size before it even gets to the store! You can also reserve your size directly from the style's listing page on our online store for styles that are currently in stock. There's no money required to reserve a style; we simply make note of it and pull all of the reserved items from each shipment when it arrives (or pull it from the sales floor if it's a style we currently have available). We'll hold these styles for two business days to give you the chance to come try them on in store. If you'd rather just go ahead and purchase a particular style, we recommend you hopping on our online store Friday afternoon when the new arrivals go live for the best chance to grab your size. You can then either have your item(s) shipped to you or pick them up in store for free!

Is everything in your store made in the USA?
The majority of our inventory is made in the USA but not everything! We work with a wide range of indie designers: some choose to manufacture in the USA, some choose to outsource their production, and some designers still handmake all of their products. We strive to bring you the most stylish, unique items you can't find elsewhere at the best price so we work with a wide range of designers!


Is everything you have in-store available online?
The vast majority of our in-store inventory is now online. There will always be items we only have one or two of that will be in-store only, as well as items that fall into our designer sample sale and second chance sale categories that we only carry in store. So there are items that we only carry in store (and some that we only carry online!) but we do our best to have as much as our inventory online as possible. Think of these hidden in-store only items as your reward for coming in to our boutique in person (aside from getting to see our smiling faces, amirite?)!

If I order something online, will the color and pattern be exactly the same in person?
Some colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings but we do not alter the style photography to change the color of the garment; we want it to be as realistic as possible. Some patterns may vary slightly as well depending on the way it repeats and where the fabric was cut to make the garment. The pattern itself will be the same, but the layout may vary slightly from each garment in that particular production run.

What are your store hours and where are you located?
Check out our Contact page for our regular store hours and locations. We also participate in seasonal events with special store hours, which are listed on our Facebook page before the event.

What's your return policy?
Our full return policy can be found on our Boutique Policies page, as well as posted by the register in store and printed on the bottom of your receipt.

I purchased an item online but I need to exchange/return it, how do I do that?
We're sorry the item you got wasn't quite right for you; we want you to love everything you purchase from us, so of course we're happy to help with an exchange or a return. Please email us at orders@compendiumboutique.com before shipping the item(s) back to us. We need to know the item is coming back before you stick it in the mail and will be able to assist you from there. Please note that Final Sale items, even when purchased online, are still not exchangeable or returnable (for more information, see our Boutique Policies page).

I'm not sure what size to buy, can you help?
Absolutely! Our Size Guide has lots of great information about how our garments run in general, but feel free to send us an email at hello@compendiumboutique.com with questions about a specific style and we'd be more than happy to help find the perfect fit for you!

Don't see your question answered?
Email us at hello@compendiumboutique.com and we'd be happy to help you out!